To ensure a safe and enjoyable stay at Gilligan's Island we request that
all of our visitors abide by a few simple policy rules.

All visitors must register at the office upon arrival. There is a $10.00 visitors fee per person and the visitor must be visiting a paid guest. This visitor will need to sign a waiver and will receive a car tag that must be placed in a visible location in the visitors car. No visitors during holiday weekends!

Property Damage: Guests are responsible for any and all damage which may be caused by them or their visitors during their stay. Should such damage occur guests are required to reimburse Gilligan's Island a fair a reasonable fee for repairs/damage.

Guests and visitors may not cross any boundaries/fences as private property exists on both sides of Gilligan's Island and trespassing is not allowed

Music must be kept to a reasonable volume.....please be considerate of your fellow campers.


****At anytime during your stay management/and or staff reserve the right
for immediate dismissal with no refund due to any misconduct.******

*****Reservations are not contingent upon the availability or conditions
of the water recreation activities.******

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